Utah APA Policy Manual


Chapter M – Extracurricular Activities

Part 1.0 Extracurricular Participation

Section 1.1 Eligibility and Expectations


Policy Statement:


The purpose of this policy is to outline for staff, parents and students the requirements to participate in extracurricular activities at American Prep as well as conditions that would render a student ineligible.

In order to provide a wide range of experiences and opportunities for our students, American Prep has developed a rich and engaging program of extracurricular activities.  Extracurricular activities include any programs that students may engage in and that are sponsored by American Prep that fall outside the typical school schedule and curriculum.

We recognize that participation in these events and activities are a privilege and therefore must be earned by students.  The following guidelines apply to any and all activities that would be formally categorized as extracurricular activities as well as events, field trips or organized trips that are carried out by staff from American Prep during non-school hours.

Coaches, advisors and school administration retain the right to declare a student ineligible to participate in an extracurricular program if their conduct or performance violates the standards outlined. Students may appeal the decision through the process outlined in this document; however, they remain ineligible to participate during the appeal process.

All participants must complete a required checklist of eligibility before their names can be added to a roster, ensemble, or cast.


Eligibility Checklist

  • Participants must fill out an insurance waiver signed by their guardian
  • Participants must fill out an agreement form stating they understand that they may be removed from participation from any event, or the program, at the discretion of the coaches, advisors, and school administration.
  • Participants must have a 2.0 term GPA and no more than one F in the grading period prior to trying out for the activity.
  • Participants must be current on all core credits for their grade level. (see P/S handbook http://www.americanprep.org)
  • Participants must complete any contracts or disclosures associated with the program.


Coaches and advisors will select participants based on initial “tryout” periods. Following the tryout period, coaches and advisors have the ability to make changes to, or remove participants from rosters, ensembles or casts, and from individual or all events based on (but not limited to) the following terms:

  • Participants are disruptive to the group through speech or behavior
  • Participants do not attend required practices or rehearsals
  • Participants do not demonstrate sufficient effort and commitment to the team or group
  • Participants are in jeopardy of academic failure due to practices, performances or rehearsals


Code of Conduct

All students at American Preparatory Academy represent their school. As such, it is the responsibility of the student to maintain a culture of honesty and integrity within the program. Students will conduct themselves in a way that represents APA positively. Any student who displays unsportsmanlike conduct, negative behavior, or disrupts the “building” environment of the event, may be removed from current and/or future events. If unsportsmanlike conduct is a recurring issue or extreme in nature, the student may be dismissed from the program. Any dishonesty or cheating from any student will be reported to school administration.



While participating in extracurricular activities students represent American Prep and are held to the same behavior expectations as outlined in our parent-student handbook for school time standards. Students are to be dressed in full uniform or the uniform assigned to the sport or activity at all times. Clean, decent language is to be used at all times and students must show staff and peers respect at all times. Students may not participate in any extracurricular activities during the day or after school on the dates they are serving a suspension.



American Prep has zero tolerance for hazing of any kind. Hazing includes but is not limited to: forcing someone to do something against their will, humiliating another individual, or bullying in any form. Any students involved with hazing may be removed from the program immediately, followed by disciplinary action according to the school’s Code of Conduct, carried out by School Administration. Behavior that occurs off campus or out of school hours is governable by the School’s Code of Conduct if the student is a participant in, or attending an extracurricular activity when the behavior occurs.



It is vital that each member of the group attend all practices or rehearsals. Group development cannot happen without each participant. Students who consistently miss practices or rehearsals may lose performance time or possibly be removed from the team or program.



Events are scheduled on a regular basis throughout the season. Some students may be asked not to attend an event based on needs determined by the coach or advisor, or performance ability of the student.



The school, coaches, and students need the full support of parents. If parents or participants have any disagreements with other students, parents, coaches, or administration it is the responsibility of the parent to address the individual that can best address their concerns in a respectful manner at the appropriate time. Any parent who shows unsportsmanlike or disrespectful conduct before, during, or after events may be asked to leave the event. Parents are responsible for providing transportation for their students for events and for promptly retrieving their students after events.


Academic Standing

It is the goal of American Prep to ensure all students prepare for and gain entrance into a four-year University program. Equally important is our commitment to students graduating on time in strong academic standing. Extracurricular activities are intended to support our core missions of academic achievement and character development. Participation in extracurricular activities is therefore contingent on students being in good academic standing.



To qualify for extracurricular programs, students must fulfill the academic standards outlined by the UHSAA. During the term previous to the event or activity, students must have received a 2.0 gpa or higher on a 4.0 gpa scale and no more than one F. Coaches and advisors may also place students on academic probation or suspension if their grades drop below the UHSAA standard during their club or activity as outlined below.



Students must have completed all required credits for graduation that align with their grade level in order to participate in all extracurricular activities. (see the Secondary Promotion Policy for details). http://www.americanprep.org

If a student is missing credits they may write a formal appeal to the the director secondary director and include any extenuating circumstances that should be considered. The Secondary Director will appoint an administrative review team annually to accept, consider and make recommendations of the appeals.  The Secondary Director will accept or deny the appeal after careful consideration of the review team’s recommendation and his/her own deliberation.


Academic Probation and Suspension

During an extracurricular program the coach or advisor may conduct unscheduled grade checks to ensure their participants continually prioritize academics and remain in good standing. Again, it is the goal of all extracurricular activities to support American Prep’s missions of academic success and character development.



Several extracurricular activities require a fee to participate. Prior to full participation students must pay their school fees in full and the applicable extracurricular fees (unless they qualify for a fee waiver and the activity was specified on the waiver form).